This project explores the realms of film and architecture conceptually, functionally and systemically. The project was supervised by Professor George Katodrytis in my final semester, Spring 2012.

Architecture + Film
Ali Monguno _ Thesis Project _ Architecture Major + Film minor
Conceptually, the project identifies “the hero’s journey” as a primary generator in a series of form exploration processes. Using traces extracted from existing sceneries, I wasable to create a system that facilitates the growth of each perspective frame.The system would work as a machine for generating form. Eventually, these formswere extracted using Digital processes Particularly in Rhino.

The ideal form is analyzed andproposed as a Film production center, which would be located at the world islands in Dubai. Consequently, sequences for circulation, function and site interaction are designed to mimic aspects of the hero’s journey thus reinforcing the connection between both film and architecture continuously.

Finally, the project concludesby attempting to re-establish the hero’s journey in film only this time architecturally.The same perspective traces extracted within the initial stage of the projectare used to create a narrative moving through a series of shots which transform according to “the hero’s journey. In fact certain elements materialize into characters,which embark on a mysterious journey, overcoming obstacles leading to a final confrontation that ends with a transformed status or nature of the initial element.

I had used a film structure to define theexperience within an architectural project. Could I create a narrative usingarchitectural elements alone? Therefore, I decided to tell the hero’s journeyusing my vanishing point machine. The video shows a journey through an unknowntunnel like space. Occasionally, obstacles interrupt this steady movement. Graduallygaining pace, the movement transforms into an aggressive back and forth motionto signal conflict with the struggle intensifying in a more complicated space.Finally, the conflict is resolved when the movement begins deceleration into acalmer environment.
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