LPB  Arjan Dubailand
Dubai, UAE
T: +971509405961+971509405961
E: alimonguno@gmail.com

In ARCHITECTURE , our work ranges in scale and building type — from additions to new construction — from commercial to custom residential to adaptive reuse and restaurant work. Have you looked at the concept package under the ARC page ?
In ART, we provide provocative artistic concepts. From conceptual renderings to perspective impressions and  stills. The projects will vary in medium based on subject and client preference. The artwork listed on the website are also for sale. You can buy the originals or get them in prints.
In FILM and PHOTOGRAPHY, we provide photo and video shoots for product promotions, trade adverts and special occasions.
In FITNESS, Ali offers one on one training to help you achieve your fitness goals. You will be coached through workout techniques and given advice on meal plans.
Perhaps you are curious about how we might partner with you to realize your vision. Do you have a question about our design process? We would love to hear your thoughts or about a project you are thinking about pursuing.
Would you like to set up a consultation? Call us or email us at the address above and we will get back to you promptly.
Have you looked at the resources on our site that address our design process and the value of working with us?