Ailumina Onugomnia, 70 x 100cm
The drawing titled "Ailumina Onugomnia"  is a portrait of an architect.
My concept was inspired by the architectural notion of a section -  I wanted to show "what was happening on the inside". The two main columns symbolize the student's parents as fundamental characters in his life. I felt a need to portray his relationship with them. I decided to place emphasis on the detail surrounding the "mother" column - after all, she had made the most impact in his life. The clarity in detail symbolizes how much he has learnt from her, with streaks of light coming in portraying hope and optimism. Having been absent for most his life, the "father" side of the image is seen as unfinished and wanting. Despite the exterior appearing finished, the jaggedness on the inside serves as a constant reminder of where he came from.  Ailumina Onugommnia is an anagram for " I am Ali Aminu Monguno"
The project won 3rd prize in the Fine Arts category at the Sheikha Manal Young Artist Award in 2012.
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