The Solar Energy Research Hub is an eco-conscious marvel, designed for pioneering research on solar energy. Its avant-garde architecture seamlessly combines an organic form with advanced materials, harmonizing with nature. The building's facade, constructed from cutting-edge sustainable materials, not only enhances energy efficiency but also underscores its commitment to environmental friendliness. This innovative hub stands as a beacon of sustainable design, embodying a fusion of technology, organic aesthetics, and a dedication to shaping a greener future.

Agricultural Innovation center 
Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany, this conventions center for farmers serves as a catalyst for a new wave of technological advancement in the agricultural industry, offering a dynamic space for farmers to collaborate, learn, and inspire innovation.
Al Na'amous Cultural Center 
Inspired by the UAE's majestic sand dunes, this is concept proposal for a Cultural center.  The building offers a unique learning environment where nature's elegance meets knowledge. Curved, organic forms echo the desert's undulating beauty, providing a harmonious setting for transformative education experiences.
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